artistArcade Fire
locationVienna, Austria
setlist01 Intro 02 Wake Up 03 Neighboorhood #2 (Laika) 04 No Cars Go 05 Haiti 06 Brasil 07 Une Ann‚e Sans LumiŠre 08 Intro for Crown Of Love 09 Crown Of Love 10 Introductions 11 (title) 12 Neighboorhood #3 (Power Out) 13 Rebellion (Lies) 14 Encore Break 15 Encore Intro 16 Neighboorhood #1 (Tunnels) 17 Encore Break 18 (New Song) 19 Outro (Crowd) Source: OKM2r with A3 > Sony TCD-D100 @44.1kHz Transfer: Sony TCD-ZE700 > Terratec EWS64XL Digital In > WaveRec (.wav) > Soundforge 6 (minor Volume adjustment at the beginning, minor cutting of dropouts during 1st track) > CDWave (splitting) > FLAC Frontend (Level9) Taper: Martin S. Location: left side of mixing desk, 15 meters from center stage Bonustrack: Interview recorded and broadcasted 20050521@noon by Austrian Radio station FM4 (the interview-part is in english...) (DVB-S MP2 recorded via LinVDR) Comments: Due to doing no audience recordings for a long time i had some switches on the dat and a3 wrong - corrected those at the end of the 1st track - cut out the glitches in soundforge. that's also the reason the beginning of the recording sounds a little different with less heights Also i'm not shure about the names of tracks 11 and 18 - maybe someone can help me out on this?