artistAni DiFranco
venueMolson Amphitheatre
locationToronto, Ontario
setlistI received this recording as a 1st Gen DAT clone from the original taper (Lagusta Pauline) 1 week after the show. I transtered this digitally to Cool Edit Pro using an S/PDIF input to make a CDR copy. This seed is from the source files for that CDR master. It is not a CDR Rip. The full lineage for this seed would be: front of board, AT 4031s on a stand 10 feet high>DAT>S/PDIF>WAV>FLAC Disc 1: Virtue (with Maceo Parker) Gravel Little Plastic Castle Fuel Two Little Girls 32 Flavors Letter To A John Pulse Hello Birmingham Not A Pretty Girl Come Away From It Disc 2: Angry Anymore My IQ Shameless Not So Soft Anticipate The Diner (with DJ Courtney and Cory) Hat Shaped Hat Jukebox (encore) To the Teeth Overlap This recording should not sold on Ebay or exploited commercially in any way!