artistB.B. King
venueLegends Theater
locationAlbuquerque, NM
setlistDisc 1 01 Pre Show Music 02 Instrumental 1 - (BB King Blues Band) 03 Instrumental 2 - (BB King Blues Band) 04 Introduction & Instrumental 3 05 Why I sing the Blues 06 I Need You So 07 Everyday I Have The Blues 08 Blues Man 09 When Love Comes to Town 10 Merry Christmas Baby Disc 2 01 You are my Sunshine (incl. speech) 02 Nobody Loves Me But My Mother 03 Rock Me Baby 04 Thrill Is Gone Source- ZOOM -H4 > 24 bit, 48KhZ Transfer- USB>My hard drive>SONAR 7. 0 Producer>16 Bit& split tracks>Removed crackling and distortion using Adobe Audition 1.5>TLH to encode wave into SHN>TLH checksums Recorded and Mastered by - sundeep Released by Evil Hub Productions -EHP-CDR-006 This was my first BB King show, and while I was impressed with what he could do for his age (82), the acoustics at the venue was not great. Also, whenever BB played the guitar it sounded distorted, and I could hear crackling and popping from the speakers. The first 2 tracks that the band played sounds cleaner. I had the mic setting s on auto gain, and in hindsight should have had it on low. I was approx 30 feet from the stage, in between the 2 stacks (probably too close for the ZOOM). Recorded by sundeep Digitally Mastered by sundeep Seeded on The International Echoes Hub - PLEASE DO NOT ALTER ANY PART OF THIS RECORDING INCLUDING ARTWORK AND TEXT FILES. THEY ARE THERE AT MY DISCRETION. HOPEFULLY YOU ENJOY THIS RECORDING.