artistArcade Fire
locationLos Angeles, CA
notesKCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic
setlist01. Intro 02. Wake Up 03. 7 Kettles 04. Vampire Forest Fire 05. Interview 06. Intervention 07. Born On A Train 08. In The Backseat 09. Outro Time: 40:17 Win Butler-acoustic Guitar, Vocals Regine Chassagne-piano, Vocals Jeremy Gara-drums Sarah Neufeld-violin Tim Kingsbury-bass, Guitar, Vocals Richard Parry-accordion, Bass, Vocals The Arcade Fire, from the town of Montreal, sing about the arc of life, from funerals to weddings, on Morning Becomes Eclectic at 11:15am. (P.S.T.) Source: FM Broadcast Lineage: FM> AVR> Analog Out> Harman Kardon CDR2 Recorder> CDR> PIONEER DVR-108> EAC>.WAV> Flac>WAV (cd wave)> FLAC frontend (level 5). Taped by: Nibbler Analog copy PLEASE DO NOT ENCODE THIS TO A LOSSY FORMAT MP3 ETC.