artistAzure Ray
venueParadiso Small Hall
locationAmsterdam, Netherlands
setlist01 Sleep (beginning cut) 02 Look to Me 03 The Drinks we Drank Last Night 04 Rise 05 No Signs of Pain 06 Hold on Love 07 These White Lights Will Bend to Make Blue 08 Don't Make a Sound 09 Displaced 10 November 11 The Great Escape Taper: Melvin Wevers ( Source: SBD > Sharp MD-MT190 (LP2) > PC Line-In > Wav > SHN Editing: Expanded the stereo, so that both channels are the same volume. Notes: first song is missing and the beginning of sleep is cut, the soundguy had some troubles finding the right cables. On the quiet songs some hiss is audible. Thanks to Orenda for letting me tape this great show!