artistA Perfect Circle
venueRed Rocks Amphitheatre
locationMorrison, CO
setlist01 Intro 02 Vanishing 03 Pet 04 The Hollow 05 Magdelena 06 Good News Bad News 07 Weak and Powerless 08 Orestes 09 Blue 10 ShitFuck X4 11 Thinking Of You 12 Brena 13 A Stranger 14 The Package 15 3 Libras 16 The Wet Nurse Who Loved Me 17 guest intro>James Iha>Danny From NIN 18 Thomas W/Dimetre of Burning Brides and Danny Loner Of NIN as guest Guitars 19 Gravity 20 . The Outsider 21 The Noose 22 Judith Source: CSC>Sony MZ-R700 @MONO Transfer: Sony MZ-R700 Analog Line Out>Analog Line In>CoolEditPro2(3db Boost)>WAV>MKW>Shn Location: Row 25 Seat 55 Taper: Tractor Notes: Outdoor Venue Slight Breeze Sound is better after Pet Many Thanks to Bill For The Great Seats :)