artistBlack Crowes
locationKoln, GER
setlistDisc 1: 01 No Speak No Slave 02 My Morning Song 03 Sting Me 04 Hard To Handle 05 Jam > Thorn In My Pride 06 Seeing Things 07 band intros/Twice As Hard 08 Black Moon Creeping 09 Thick N' Thin Disc 2 01 Stare it Cold > Three Little Birds 02 E: Sometimes Salvation 03 Jealous Again 04 Remedy Source: FM? Lineage: FM? > ? > CDR > EAC > WAV > FLAC Again, apologies for the lack of lineage info. I received this in a trade a few months ago. Crowesbase lists 2 sources for this show, an FM broadcast and a video. Listening to it, the FM seemed the most likely.