venuePaleo Festival
locationNyon, Switzerland
setlist01 Earth Intruders 02 Hunter 03 Pagan Poetry 04 Immature 05 Jóga 06 The Pleasure Is All Mine 07 Unravel 08 Army Of Me 09 Innocence 10 I Miss You 11 Anchor Song 12 Bachelorette 13 Five Years 14 Wanderlust 15 Hyperballad 16 Plútó 17 Encore Break & Band Introduction 18 Oceania 19 Declare Independence Master Audiance Recording CSB -> Sony MZR30 MiniDisc -> M-Audio 24-bits Soundcard into WaveLab (Low Shelf @35Hz, slight compression with Waves C1) -> .wav -> .flac An incredible show in an incredible festival! Sound, band, visuals, everything was absolutely perfect and Björk entranced the festival for an hour and a half!! An absolute dimensional shift! Enjoy!! Zionpower PS. Please, do not buy/sell, convert to lossy formats etc... PS2. Incomplete list: